Welcome 2019


It is the 1st day of the new year and I am so excited! I have been looking forward to the restart of a new year since May! The year 2018 was not kind to me. Yes, there have been other years that were bad. But this past year took almost everything from me. In May, I was in a car accident that totalled my car. A lady ran a red light because she wasn’t paying attention, hit my car, rolled over it and flew on top of another car that was stopped at the red light she just ran. Pretty crazy.

What have I learned to tell people?

Don’t text and drive! Pay attention!

After the accident, I found out that I had a severe concussion, frontal lobe damage and severe damage to the muscles in my eyes. The result was me always being very dizzy, nauseous and very confused all the time. I was unable to drive and work. The end result has been that I had to leave my comfy home in Ohio and move to North Carolina with my parents.

So, Goodbye 2018 and Hello 2019! 

Published by tipcentral859

Taking each moment a step at a time, trusting the the one above to get me through every chapter in this life.

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