The Ride Towards Home

cincy bound
Cincy Bound

Recently I took a trip to Cincinnati…..

I had to check in with my doctor’s from the accident I was in. As the airplane ascended and I began to look out at the landscape below, I was amazed at what I saw. I haven’t flown in awhile, and you can tell I don’t fly very often, however, I was amazed at God’s creation below me. I began to think about the innocence that I still have when flying and I wondered how many people have lost that feeling of satisfaction when looking below. As we passed over the mountains I found myself trying to find the different roads and paths that have been etched out right before my eyes. 

Then we began to ascend above the clouds… 

So, if you haven’t been in an airplane for awhile or ever, you can appreciate how amazing it is to be close to the clouds. I mean, when you look up from the ground, they are so far away they kind of just look like fluffy pillows that are in the shape of an animal. I love the clouds! From the ground, I am not as fascinated but to fly above them is a totally different experience. They look so soft and fluffy and they run for what seems like

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miles. You have a section that looks like waves from the ocean and others that look like a pile of cotton. It’s almost as though you can twist your fingers in the cloud and make funny hairstyles like on trolls. My favorite are the wave like clouds, where you can imagine yourself getting lost in the white mass of softness. To look out into the sea of white fluffy clouds always seems to remind me of how amazing God is. He made this! All of this! And he gets to see this view anytime he likes.



In all this amazement – I was so excited about getting back to Cincinnati. And there was snow! 

Coming from North Carolina, I was so excited when we started to descend from the clouds and you could see the beautiful white cold stuff laying on the ground. Just like the clouds, I imagined how satisfied God must be when he looks at his creation in this way. I can only begin to imagine what Heaven might look like.

Over the past few months I have spoken about the accident I was involved in last May, and man has it been crazy. But as all things come together for the glory of the Lord to those who love him – I am almost 100%. There are a few minor things going on with my left eye, but after all that’s happened in the past 8 months, I am able to start my life again! 

Remember that God is working – it’s just not always in our timing!

country snow

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